Sweco Book

Title: Sweco – Transfroming Society Together
Editors: Maciej Chrzanowski, Bartosz Dowojna, Michał Grocki
Texts: Janusz Zaleski, Zbigniew Kundzewicz, Marek Salamak
Graphic design: Marek Knap, Adam Głowacki
Typesetting: Adam Głowacki
Proofreading: Krzysztof Wróblewski
Paper: Arctic Volume White 130g
Print: Petit Lublin
Publisher: The Making
Copyrights: 2021 Sweco
ISBN: 978-83-951245-2-5

Thinking about the future, but also appreciating the history, Sweco Polska decided to develop and then publish a printed publication "Transforming Society Together", in which will combine the experience of the company's history with the knowledge and experience of the greatest scientific authorities of our country. The publication combines different perspectives and never before publicly presented expert opinions on important topics in the field of urbanization, water management and digitization.

My hope is that this publication will be a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration for new and exciting considerations for its readers, and for our company an opportunity to summarize and reflect on the challenges ahead, as there will certainly be plenty of them

Maciej Chrzanowski, Managing Director, Sweco Polska

The publication, presenting new expert conclusions and examples of selected most important implementations, will be a showcase of the power of Polish achievements and may also become a practical signpost for the further development of our country by future generations. Decades of experience. Three experts. Three columns. One publication.

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