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Concept: Bartosz Mierzwiak, Michał Ptaszyński, Aleksandra Dojnia, Michał Grocki
Visual identity: Anna Dyakowska
Photo & video documentation: Paweł Stelmach
Promo materials: Paweł Ciepielewski, Tomasz Erbel
Technical Support: Kolarski.eu
Organizer: The Making

Race & Rise 2022 is a one-day, three-stage, amateur and charity cycling race organized for Logicor. The routes were planned on roads perfectly prepared for cycling, as a result of professionally prepared technical service. This amateur and charity cycling race consisted three stages (145 km, 85 km and 70 km), totalling 300 km of cycling tour in the heart of the Tuchola Forest in northern Poland.

The goal was simple but extremely important - to complete as much of the planned route as possible. For each kilometer cycled by a particular participant, Logicor donated PLN 5 to the K.I.D.S. Foundation, which creates a „hospital of the future” for children and those who fight for their health.

The cycling tour of the forest, on 23–25 June 2022, consisted of three stages, of 145 km, 85 km and 70 km, with an elevation game of 1,349 m.

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